The History of Battle Mountain

The Native Americans, specifically the Ute Indians, knew well the riches of Battle Mountain, but their pursuits and those of later settlers were very different. The Utes and Arapahos engaged in a multi-day battle in the mid 1800’s over hunting territory on the mountain, giving the area its name. Details of the conflict are historically hazy.

The area was discovered by prospectors in search of gold and silver that helped fuel westward expansion. They began to spill out of the hills near Leadville and found promising mineral bands at what is now Gilman where the Canyon of the Eagle River shows its fractured rocky face.

In the last 25 years Battle Mountain has been eyed for a different set of riches- its beauty, fabulous views, the many recreational opportunities and – perhaps most important- its proximity to the nearby world-class resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek.


Over the years owners of the property have changed through various corporate mega-mergers and acquisitions and have included New Jersey Zinc, Gulf & Western, Paramount and most recently CBS/Viacom.

Recent History Battle Mountain’s properties were purchased in December 2004 by Florida developer Bobby Ginn, and private equity firm partner, Lubert Adler, of Philadelphia. Ginn and Lubert Adler had partnered on many other resort developments in Florida, North and South Carolina and in the Caribbean.

Ginn’s development team developed a plan for Battle Mountain that included a ski mountain with 10 lifts, two golf courses, extensive commercial space and 1,700 units of residential development. The Development expanded beyond the now Battle Mountain Ranch to the Valley floor and the Bolts Lake area. That development proposal and annexation into Minturn went to voters in May of 2008 and was approved by a nearly 9 to 1 margin.